About GPC Series London

​By July 2017 the IMI's Global Pound Conference (GPC) will have tracked the world over the last year and a half, gathering the opinions of many hundreds of users and practitioners in dispute resolution services, from litigation to arbitration to mediation.

We are delighted that London will be the final port of call, where we can not only hear what London and the UK want for the future of dispute resolution, but also reflect on what the rest of the Series Conferences around the world have said.

The data from this conference series we will help to guide innovation in future 21st Century commercial and civil dispute resolution tools, both for domestic and international cases.  In London we will convene stakeholders from commercial parties, lawyers, academics, judges, arbitrators, mediators, policy makers, and others to stimulate debate on existing techniques and processes. In doing this it is our aim to generate relevant opinions and figures on what corporate and individual dispute resolution users need (both locally and globally).

The London Conference is being organised and made possible by a number of dedicated organisations (institutions and corporates), our sponsors and our supporters, listed below, to whom we are most grateful.

We would very much like for you to be part of this final stage of the Global Pound Conference Series in London, whether you are from the UK or the anywhere in the world, to contribute in shaping the future of dispute resolution.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Karl Mackie, CBE

Chair, London Local Organising Committee